Southwest Sausage Skillet

Submitted by Kriston Poe to the 2019 Taste of America Challenge


1 jalapeño, seeded, small dice

1 Red Bell Pepper-seeded, small dice

½ C. of Challenge Unsalted Butter (1 stick)

3 T. of All-Purpose Flour

2 C. Heavy Cream

3 C. Half-and-Half

2 t. of Kosher Salt

1 t. of White Pepper

1 C. Shredded Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

1 C. Shredded Chipotle Gouda

1 lb. Wampler’s Sausage

2 T. Vegetable Oil

2 t. Bolner’s Fiesta Extra Fancy Light Chili Powder Seasoning

2 C. of Panko Bread Crumbs


1. Preheat oven to 350* F. In a large pot, bring 1 gallon of water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 10 minutes.

2. Drain pasta and run under cool water. Pasta should be slightly firm. Toss in 1 T. of vegetable oil and reserve for later.

3. In a skillet add ground sausage and cook thoroughly. Drain any fat and reserve for later.

4. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onions, red bell peppers and jalapeños. Saute for 5 minutes.

5. Add flour and cook for 1-2 minutes (do not brown)

6. Add heavy cream, half and half, kosher salt, white pepper

7. Bring pot to a simmer. Cook until sauce is thick, about 5-6 minutes.

8. Blend in Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Gouda Cheese to the sauce and add the cooked pasta and sausage.

9. Pour into a cast iron skillet and reserve.

10. In a saute pan over low-medium heat, add oil and chili powder. Heat for 20-30 seconds, until pan starts to release a little smoke. Remove from stove and stir in panko bread crumbs. Sprinkle bread crumbs over the pasta and bake for 15-20 minutes until bubbly on top. Cool slightly before serving.

11. I like to garnish with jalapeños, red peppers, cilantro

12. Serve and enjoy!