We believe it's our duty to make our products in the most sustainable way possible. In 2009, we installed our first 30kW solar array, the first step in what would become a corporate culture change towards environmental responsibility. Two years later, we installed a 500kW, 5-acre array and most recently, a 100 kW rooftop array. Wampler's also funded a 50kW system at Zoo Knoxville to help reduce its energy costs. The power output of Wampler's 680kw of solar arrays feeds clean, renewable energy onto the grid. 

Beyond energy, we have dramatically reduced our water use, implemented strict internal recycling programs, and use boxes from recycled materials.

Wampler's Farm Sausage is also the launch site for the first commercial Proton Power CHyP system in the world. Currently in the final stages of R&D, this revolutionary cellulose-to-hydrogen power (CHyP) technology will ultimately bring our farm to net zero energy use. In other words, we will actually generate as much energy as we use. The CHyP system is also carbon negative, which means instead of harming the environment through carbon emissions, it will actually be helping it. With only water and biochar containing graphene as its byproducts, this system has the potential to change the world. 

If you'd like to learn more about Proton Power, you can visit their website HERE.