In 2009, our first solar installment became the first step in implementing a company-wide policy of environment responsibility. 

We installed a 30kW rooftop solar array as a pilot project and almost immediately reduced our energy costs. Based on that success, we expanded our solar commitment with an on-site, 500kW, 5-acre that reduced our energy costs exponentially. The power output of our on-site arrays now feeds clean, renewable energy onto the grid.

We are particularly proud to be home to the very first commercial installation of Proton Power's revolutionary cellulose-to-hydrogen power (CHyP) clean energy system.

Currently in the final stages of R&D, this game-changing technology now generates the majority of the energy consumed at our facility and will ultimately bring us to net zero energy use. In other words, we will actually generate as much (or more) energy than we use.

With only water and biochar (a fine charcoal valuable as a soil amendment) as by-products, the CHyP system will also be carbon negative, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it adds.

Investing in clean energy changed the way that we operate. We have also dramatically reduced our water use, implemented strict internal recycling programs, and use boxes from recycled materials. We believe it's our duty to make our products in the most sustainable way possible.

More about Hydrogen Power:

We're proud to partner with Proton Power to help bring their groundbreaking CHyP (Cellulose to Hydrogen Power) system to the world. The CHyP system on our farm is the first commercial install of this remarkable technology, and the green energy it creates helps us to be energy independent. If you'd like to learn more about Proton Power, you can visit their website HERE.



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